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Getting Started

September 26, 2011

I want to write about what interests me – in the world of NLP of course and also capture some of my thoughts, book reviews, passionate discussions et al.

This has to be the tiniest window ever for trying to write anything at length… I hope I will a. either get used to it or b. find out that actually there’s a whole better way of doing this than peering sideways at a 1×10 cm box!

So my first thought – yesterday I was teaching the Precision Model, John Grinder’s brilliant 3 frame/ 5 pattern model for, as it says on the tin, gathering high quality info in a business setting.

I like to slow people down enough to really see and experience how a question changes the pictures in their mind and how that changes the choices and actions they will make.

It’s quite a revelation as most of us are used to just firing off questions on a quantity of information basis.

To see how this elegant model helps people synchronise and jointly, relevantly, expand their ‘maps’ is a revelation.

The great puzzle – how come this is not better known? It’s such an outstandingly intelligent tool!


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  1. I wonder if the frames are even less known than the questions. The whole model so wonderfully effective and easy to learn, especially when you have a good teacher. If I wanted to be really mean I could be tempted keep it entirely to myself! (Welcome to the world of the WordPress blog.)

  2. Andy I was so thrilled to get your comment and then I lost both the blog and my reply!

    Yes the Precision Model is perfection for business and encodes in itself a complete paradigm shift in thinking about effective communication.

    Clever and cunning John Grinder!

    Hope to see you soon.. hope you’ve had good news your colleague alluded to! 🙂

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